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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> and right now at 11:00, don't let the sunshine fool you. we're stuck with more bitter cold today. a live look at philadelphia's boathouse row. see the flags whipping there on buildings and you can tell how cold it is by looking at these folks walking in the wynnefield section of philadelphia. a lot of people tucked themselves into the arch way of the building on st. joe's campus trying to get out of the wind. nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast. and it is cold out there, glenn. >> yeah vai. it was really really cold earlier today and clouds in parts of the area. that's not helping very much. we have sunshine at the shore.
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but we have fair amount of clouds in and around the philadelphia area. the flag not blowing quite as much as it was yesterday. but just enough to make you feel pretty cold. right now, it is 24 degrees in philadelphia. 18 in allentown. 13 in mount pocono. the temperatures are going up. we do still have wind but now the windchills are at least in double digits across much of the area. still feels like 5 in allentown. 6 in reading. 9 in lancaster. 3 below in the poconos. and this is the way it is going to feel as we go through the afternoon, generally into the 20s. the temperature going up a little bit. the wind going down a little bit. and generally dry conditions. so the rest of the day, yeah it's cold, but, of course, it is not going to be as cold as it was this morning. a few snow flurries up near the poconos now, could get down to the lehigh valley maybe even upper bucks county during the afternoon. that's pretty light. we'll see how much of a warmup we're going to see over the
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weekend and when we might see some snow in parts of the area in the seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. happening now, new information on an alleged sex scandal in the philadelphia fire department. the fire fighting union is holding a news conference at this hour in northern liberty to discuss the allegations. we'll take you there and listen in. >> philadelphia fire fights and paramedics union local 222. i'm joined by eugenia herzig she is our attorney. good morning. the philadelphia firefighters and paramedics union local 22 has convened this press conference to address the current issues regarding alleged sexual misconduct in the philadelphia fire department. i want to make it clear from the outset that neither local 22 nor our attorneys, have been provided the inspector general's full report. which is a source of deep
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frustration given the seriousness of the allegations. according to the sections of the report the inspector general -- that we received allegations of sexual misconduct were made against 13 fire department members. seven of our members have been accused of disciplinary violations based on the inspector general's report. two battalion chiefs one captain, one lieutenant one fire service paramedic, and two firefighters. the city provided the union with only the portion of the report that related specifically to these seven individuals. it is the position of the union that we should be provided with -- we should be provided with the entire report as this is important for the union to be able to view the complaint as a whole, in order to address systemic issues within the fire department, and to ensure that all of our members involved with being treated equally and fairly. our main question is this, when did the department become aware
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that there was a possible issue and how was it initially addressed? our additional concern is regarding the training and education that our members should have received and policies that the department should have had in place. we are aware of the serious allegations made in the press over the past week. but i can't address these allegations here today as those complaints are not addressed in the portion of the report we have been provided. additionally, several of the members interviewed by the inspector general did not request union representation because it was overtly suggested by high ranking department officials that representation was not needed. based on the ig's report seven of the members charged, the two battalion chiefs were both charged with conduct unbecoming and failure to supervise. it is important to note the subordinate female employee at the center of the allegation did not make any allegations against either of these two individuals.
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she did not make any allegations against any of these two battalion chiefs. it was determined by the ig that one of these chief officers was overly concerned with her well-being and participated in off duty nonsexual activities with this subordinate employee. the ig concluded that his off duty relationship and he's effort to help the subordinate employee with her struggles was evidence of misconduct. the second battalion chief, as well as two other members, were charged with conduct unbecoming because of alleged consensual off duty sexual relationships with the complaint an. in these three cases, the inspector general found that there were no substantiated charges of sexual activities within the firehouse or on any fire department apparatus. it is important to note that there is no current policy in the philadelphia fire department regarding fraternization. in fact several high ranking
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departmental officials have spouses that have served in supervisory or subordinate positions to them while working within the fire department. although according to the inspector general's report none of the allegations of sexual relationships in the firehouse were able to be substantiated. the department has elected -- the department has elected to charge one of our members with having sexual relations within a firehouse. the department's position is this individual is being charged based on the allegations, even though they weren't able to be substantiated. this brings to light our concern about all members being treated fairly, since this member is being charged based solely on the allegations, why then are there no charges against the other eight members implicated in the complaint? all of the officers were charged with failure to supervise. these charges are baseless in all cases except in the instance in which the department is alleging the subordinate employee made inappropriate comments and the presence of this officer and he took no
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corrective action. the remaining members were charged with sexual harassment based on inappropriate behavior while at work, but not sexual interaction with the complainant. in each of these cases, we advised our members to request administrative boards of investigation to review the facts in the specifics. we expect the board to be convened in the next couple of weeks. we also have significant concerns about the administration handling of this situation from the onset. for example, the complainant was brought into the department's headquarter and coerced into filing the complaint. she was told if she did not file a complaint, she would be required to sign a document stating nothing inappropriate had occurred. during her career in the department, she asked for legal representation and that request was denied. this individual further requested -- >> you've been watching and listening to a news conference held by the firefighters and
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paramedics union in center city philadelphia. their main complaint is they have not received edd a report from the inspector general. among their concerns some of department members were interviewed without the presence of a union shop steward. we'll continue to monitor this news conference. christine maddela is present there and she'll bring us more information on this story in this newscast in the next half hour or so. meanwhile, breaking news authorities have issued a boil water advisory for part of delaware this morning. the reason a water main break in the kirkwood highway area city of newark water customers may be at risk of exposure to e. coli bacteria from contaminated water. you can see the affected area on this map. it includes residents of south of kirkwood highway and north of oval town road and ruthard
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drive. a section between possum park road and polly drummen hill road is also affected. residents are advised to boil any water and let it cool before they drink it or use bottled water. the problem should be resolved in the next two days. school administrators are meeting with parents at one local elementary school one day after a 13-year-old allegedly brought crack cocaine to class. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at mitchell elementary school in southwest philadelphia with an update. hi monique. >> reporter: hi vai. first of all the principal called parents of the nearly 700 students to the school a short time ago. as you can see, all is quiet out here now, but a much different scene yesterday afternoon. moments after we learned a 13-year-old allegedly brought 16 plastic bags containing crack cocaine to school yesterday, we were here. investigators say he placed half of them down a bathroom sink drain and kept the other half. but he gave one bag to another student, an 8-year-old.
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police also saying the older student then offered the 8-year-old money to hold the drugs for the day. that child showed the drug to two others all four of the students were checked out at chop. the student who brought the drugs here tested positive for marijuana. this morning, we talked to parents heading to the meeting with the principal. >> keep the schools safe you know. drugs is a problem. crime is a problem. there is problems throughout the whole city of philadelphia. there is not a quick fix. >> reporter: what questions do you want answered at the meeting? >> what happened to the child? are they going to take any measures to make sure it doesn't happen again, things like that. >> reporter: both parents told us they're not leaving the meeting, which has been going on for about two hours now, until they get their questions answered. we also learned that the dhs is investigating along with the police. the school district tells us right now the 13-year-old who allegedly brought the drugs here to school has not been
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disciplined. that matter is still under review. live from southwest philadelphia monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and state police in delaware are looking into a tractor trailer crash that shut down i-495 in wilmington for hours early this morning. you're looking at the wreckage of a tractor trailer that crashed on i-495 in wilmington. police say the truck driver was alert and talking when medics took him to the hospital. investigators say the dump portion of the truck was in the upright position which caused it to clip the 12th street bridge overpass. that part of the truck detached and ended up in the south bound lanes. the tractor portion ended up striking a guardrail and overturned in the northbound lanes. the road was reopened by 6:00 this morning. also in delaware state police say a louis man could face charges for driving his car into the path of a train. this is what is left of the car after the accident in georgetown
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last night. investigators say the car did not stop in time at a railroad crossing and hit the wheels of a train car. the train did not derail and amazingly the driver was not hurt. well we are learning new information this morning about what may have brought down a plane in taiwan earlier this week. the split second decision that investigators believe helped cause the deadly crash. and a big surprise is coming for a local organization that helps philadelphia high schools excel. tracy davidson is in on the secret. >> i am vai. some of the students involved in the program are here. they think we're here doing a story. what they and other and people involved with this organization don't know is that in a minute they're going to get a huge surprise. well we're going to see warmer weather this weekend. i'll let you know how warm that milder air will stick around coming up.
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11:15. we have launched skyforce10 and it is hovering over breaking news, a house fire in galloway township in atlantic county. this is on 6th and crest view avenues. you see it smoldering there. we're working to try to find out if anybody there was hurt. we don't have that information right now. as we get information on this late breaking news information, we'll bring it to you. investigators believe robbery may have been the motive for a deadly shooting in
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philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. this happened on south paxton street. it happened around midnight. police tell us 17 shots were fired in all, and the victim was hit several times. the wallet was found next to the body. there had been no arrests made. investigators were looking are for the cause of a fire that hit an apartment building in center city. this happened along south 17th and spruce at about 1:00 this morning. everyone did make it out safely. and firefighters put out an ambulance fire in old city philadelphia, early in the morning. this morning. nbc 10 on the scene at 3rd and market. the fire in the engine of the ambulance broke out around 2:00 in the morning. crews snuffed it out in minutes. no patients were inside and no one was hurt. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we had some powerful winds yesterday bringing the latest round of arctic air. and it is a freezing friday. it started off very very cold.
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and now it is warming up a touch. it will warm up a lot more over the weekend. a lot of you are going to enjoy that. rain is on the way. looks like the threat of snow really has gone down over the last couple of days. and the wind has gone down too in a good bit of the area as you can see. 24 degrees, the winds southwest at 14 still enough to provide a windchill. feels like it is 12. we're 7 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. still in the teens, north and west, but we're into the 20s across much of the rest of the area. and some of these southern places at least will get to the freezing mark during the day today. but you can see the southwest wind, that's trying to warm us up not doing a whole lot of good today, but it will tomorrow. there is the wind 10 to 15 miles an hour pottstown, only with an 8-mile-an-hour wind. and the windchill, the way it feels in the exposed skin single digits in allentown, reading, lancaster, even
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trenton. 9 degrees but it is getting a little bit less brutal each hour. this is how cold it was this morning. temperatures not windchills zeros in the poconos. 3 in allentown. 5 in quakertown. 6 doylestown pottstown, reading, 11 in trenton. look at that. 14 in mount holly. 12 in wilmington. 9 in millville. 7 in toms river, new jersey. so it was a brutal start. we have clouds moving in across a good bit of the area except perhaps southern sections. and a few snow flurries coming down toward the poconos. this is very weak system you have another one back to the west, and it is going to be producing some snow flurries that could hit some of the areas near the poconos tomorrow. here is the future cast. we go through the night and into the morning. here is that little round of flurries tomorrow morning north and west. that's about it. then saturday night, we're dry.
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sunday started off dry, there is the afternoon, it is still dry. and then sunday night, maybe some rain. it is too warm for snow. as we go into monday morning, maybe a little bit of a wintry mix up at some of the northern areas. but that is quite a change from what we have seen a couple of days ago. everything is tracking to the north. and although we're going to warm up over the weekend, that arctic air is going to be coming back down. and it is going to be a very cold valentine's weekend. you've been warned. it is going to be almost as cold or maybe even just as cold as it is now. mix of sun and clouds today, very cold. high temperatures up around 30. the average high is 42 and we'll be there tomorrow. and then it gets even warmer on sunday. looks like it will stay dry during the weekend until perhaps
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sunday night. and then it would be likely rain. some rain on monday with wintry mix to the north. and then we wait until later in the week until we get another arctic blast, but nothing as warm as what we're seeing this weekend. well a local group that helps philadelphia high school students has no idea why we are live in their offices, but nbc 10's tracy davidson knows. and she's about to spring it on them. hey, tracy. >> we're at philadelphia academy. their in the middle of a meeting now. but we're going to barge in and give them a huge surprise, a huge award with a huge check.
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the local organization philadelphia academy uses a unique way of preparing philadelphia public school students for college and careers. the nonprofit links students with real world job training training that gives kids a look at what's available to them beyond the classroom. and philadelphia academy also has an impressive record of helping students graduate on time. students who participate are more likely to land a good job with higher pay than students who aren't in the program. nbc 10's tracy davidson is live in the center city offices of philadelphia academy where she tells us there is an excitement building there. you're about to spring a big surprise on them tracy? >> reporter: they're in a middle of a meeting so we're going to interrupt them now. sorry for the interruption. my name is tracy davidson from
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nbc 10 and we're here to tell you philadelphia academy has been awarded a champions in action award. and -- [ applause ] >> reporter: yes. monica, why don't you come over here with me. i want to introduce the people behind champions in action the companies. dan fitzpatrick here is president of citizens bank pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. eric learner, president and general manager of nbc and telemundo 62. and amy buchman with philadelphia newspapers. and they are here to say congratulations. you are an award recipient. this is monica steigerwald with philadelphia academy. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful support. we're so proud of the hard work that has been going on in the schools of abraham lincoln and roxborough to make career connected education a reality. and the support of the business and the higher ed community is so important to us. so, thank you. and on behalf of the students
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here and the staff and the board, really these are the champions in action. so thank you. >> reporter: well, congratulations to all of you. >> monica thank you for you and lisa nutter we have been great partners for a long time. we haven't had philadelphia academy -- what you do with the young people in philadelphia those opportunities for career readiness, and really supplementing the great education they get in the school district of philadelphia but really that focus on career all of us as employers need great talented young people to come and work in our businesses so we really applaud what the academy does because also it gets great results for the students. >> reporter: eric? >> first of all, you look great. you know i think it is great to be part of such a positive story about the schools and on behalf of all of the men and women of nbc 10 and telemundo 62 it is just so important that the community supports our schools,
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and what a great organization. we're thrilled to be part of this. >> well before we came here i was lucky enough to be listening in on what the students were saying about their career academies and they're so inspirational. i know everyone is at this table is going to do something wonderful. and the philadelphia newspapers are just so proud to be co-sponsors of this event and help these kids with their futures, which in turn is going to help all of us in the city. >> reporter: now you have a big check to -- yes. [ applause ] $35,000. and along with the check, we're also supporting the organization with volunteers and all kinds of support to help what -- make what they do go even further and reach more students with more success. we'll have more on all of the good work of the philadelphia academies and this award this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. live in philadelphia tracy davidson, nbc 10 news.
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>> all right, tracy, thank you very much. good work out there. to learn more about philadelphia's future and for all the information about how your nonprofit organization can apply to become next champion in action, just go to our website at or our nbc 10 mobile app. more bit of cold weather today. a live look at the ben franklin bridge. sunshine is very cold out there. warmer weather is in our future. glenn will let us know how long that welcome change will last just ahead. . a shaken witness tells a 911 operator what she saw in the case of the deadly hit and run involving rap mogul suge knight.
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now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> 11:30 this friday morning. it is bitter cold out there throughout the entire area. temperatures will struggle to hit the freezing point. and the wind is making it feel even worse out there as we take a live look now at the aramark building in center city. you see the flags whipping in the wind. the conditions are even harsher for skiers in the poconos. don't see many but there are some out there. get outside, take a look at camel back mountain resort in tannersville. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. we're talking about this during the break, you get older, you're more sensitive to this cold right? >> yeah. especially since i lived in florida for a bunch of years, in between my trips to philadelphia yeah you get -- your body used to something that is warmer and then when it gets cold it gets really cold. kids they don't seem to be bothered that much. and if you're skiing and you're distracted, you may not be bothered by it either. it got down to zero degrees in the poconos this morning. the windchill was down to 10 to
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15 below. it is 12 in mount pocono now. teens far to the north and west allentown and reading. 20s just about everywhere else. the temperature is going up. there is still some wind and so it feels like it is 4 below in mount pocono. and single digits in allentown and reading and in trenton. but even those numbers are starting to go up. by this afternoon, it will be feeling like it is in the 20s, which by comparison is going to seem a lot more comfortable. by the weekend, these numbers are going to be way up. especially on sunday. so we have quite a change in the weather coming over the next couple of days. that's just a few little flakes few little snow flurries coming down through the poconos and lehigh valley. totally harmless. and we'll see what next precipitation is going to be coming in if it is coming in before the weekend is over with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes.
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and we'll continue to follow breaking news out of one part of delaware, where a boil water advisory has been put into effect this morning. the reason a water main break in the kirkwood highway area. the city of newark water customers may be at risk of exposure to e. coli bacteria from contaminated water. you can see the affected area on the map. it includes residents of -- south of kirkwood highway and north of ogle town road and ruthard drive. a section north of kirkwood highway between possum park road and polly drummen hill road is also affected. residents are also advised to boil any water and let it cool before drinking it or they can use bottled water. officials say the problem should be resolved in the next two days. and we are following new developments in an alleged sex scandal in the philadelphia fire department. union leaders just wrapped up a news conference a short time ago and nbc 10's christine maddela is live in northern liberties with more on what the union is saying this morning.
11:34 am
break it down for us. >> reporter: we just heard from joseph shully, the president of the firefighters union here. union local 22. now, he said the inspector general, the city's inspector general is investigating this alleged sex scandal within the fire department. and the union says the preliminary report from the inspector general was highly redacted. so i asked the union president if he thinks the city of philadelphia is hiding something. >> our position is by redacting information and by keeping portions of the report confidential that our perception is absolutely something is being kept from the union. >> reporter: the union president also said in the ig's report that there are allegations against 13 different firefighters as well as two other battalion chiefs in that report. but they only have access to seven of those cases. they also said the woman at the center of this report, who is making these allegations against other members of the fire department, they say she did not
11:35 am
want to come forward and file a report but the city insisted she do so and is now possibly pursuing charges against her as well something they're concerned could be revictimizing that woman. we'll continue to stay on top of this and reach out to the city. i'll have more information throughout the afternoon. reporting live christine maddela, nbc 10 news. and we now know that transasia plane that crashed in taiwan lost both power in both engines before it went down. crews recovered four more bodies from the crash scene yesterday. taiwan's top aviation official revealed that one of the plane's engines went idle 37 seconds after takeoff. the pilots then apparently shut off the other engine. it is unclear why the first engine lost power, nor is it clear why the other engine was turned off. data from the black box shows the crew was attempting an engine restart when the plane went down. dramatic dash cam video shows the plane clipped the highway overpass and crashed into taipei's keelung river minutes after takeoff.
11:36 am
35 people died eight others remain missing, 15 people did manage to make it out alive. and victims' relatives gathered to pray at the crash site today. buddhist monks performed rituals near the water's edge. taiwan's vice president expressed his condolences and praised the pilot who may have deliberately steered the plane away from those buildings in his final moments. funeral services are under way this morning for the driver of the suv that was hit by a commuter train in new york. ellen brodie a mother of three, was killed in the collision with five others on the train. the ntsb is set to hold another briefing on the investigation later today. federal and investigators are trying to determine what caused brodie to drive on to the tracks. the deadly crash on the tracks in ohio police say two people died after their car wound up in the path of not one, but two trains near cleveland. authorities say the crossing gates were down and the driver went around them. the car was hit by two different
11:37 am
cargo trains. both people in the car died. no one else was hurt and the trains were not carrying any hazardous material. the los angeles county sheriff's office released a 911 call from last week's deadly accident involving rapper sugar nite. in the reporting, you here the caller describe how events unfolded. take a listen. >> the car ran over two guys who were fighting and he just pulled back and pulled forward and run them over. two guys are laying down. >> knight surrendered next morning, he's accused of killing his friend and trying to kill another. health officials in north jersey are looking into a suspected case of measles. the patient is a 1-year-old baby who has not been vaccinated. first dose of the measles vaccine is usually given when a child is between 12 to 15 months old. the baby is okay. the officials had notified people living in the child's building. if confirmed, new jersey would join pennsylvania and delaware in handling measles cases this
11:38 am
year. public health officials say five infants who attended a suburban chicago day care have been diagnosed with measles. the children are all in the -- under the age of 1. several other children at the day care may have been exposed and are being quarantined as a precaution. it is important to note that health officials say all the children were too young to get vaccinated. the source of the outbreak has not yet been determined. and happening today, president obama will be on the road promoting his education initiatives. he'll speak at a town hall meeting at a community college in indianapolis. talking about his proposals for free tuition. apprenticeship programs and funding for early child education. and happening now, a hearing involving lawyers for penn state, the ncaa and the family of joe paterno is under way. the parties have been battling over whether the lawsuit should include bridge a contract. one of his sons says the school verbally agreed to pay him for
11:39 am
the entire school year after the scandal broke. you'll remember last month the ncaa reversed its decision and overturned some sanctions against penn state following the jerry sandusky case. and also happening now in the atlantic city casino crisis an appeals court judge in philadelphia is hearing arguments from former tenants at the revel casino complex. they're appealing developer glen strawberry's bid to buy the bankrupt casino and want to change the terms of the deal. straub is set to close on the deal on monday but threatened to walk away if the sale is delayed again. the lights will stay on at revel for now. revel's energy supplier acr energy partners had threatened to cut service by 5:00 last night because of unpaid bills. but they agreed to keep the power flowing until another hearing is scheduled next week. a story definitely worth smiling about. free dental care. next where families can take their kids to dentist free of charge today. it is a germophobe's worst nightmare. the new findings about what is
11:40 am
lurking on the subway that could really gross you out. glenn? >> we're dealing with another bitter cold day. but changes are coming in time for the weekend. we'll let you know how long the milder weather will last just ahead while we watch some snow flurries coming into the poconos.
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a new study confirms what many new yorkers may have already suspected.
11:43 am
the city subway system contains hundreds of species of bacteria. researchers schwab ss swabs benches, seats and doors. majorities of the samples were harmless but 27% contained live bacteria including e. coli and mrsa. the spokesman says the study indicates no one's health or life is at risk. february is national heart month and today is go red for women day. lots of women are sporting red today including this tie here. as a way to raise awareness for the number one killer, heart disease. katy zachry shows us how the disease can strike even the healthiest among us. >> people say you had a heart condition? yeah i did. >> reporter: 30-year-old jaclyn maglone's heart had stopped. she was unconscious with no pulse. it happened while this former temple soccer player was coaching her own team players just 11 years old. >> they just went into full out alert mode and they found whoever they could find and
11:44 am
caused enough of a scene. >> reporter: the girls found a doctor to do cpr until medics arrived. jaclyn was rushed to bryn mawr hospital. >> she was having a heart attack and we were doing what we usually do for that try to open that up with balloons and stents. and our blood thinners. she got worse. >> reporter: at bryn mawr part of the heart institute, jaclyn was put on a special machine that did the work of her heart, pumping oxygen into her blood. it was touch and go but she pulled through. >> the way she recovered neurologically is amazing and testament to her youth and testament to her being in good shape. >> reporter: jaclyn, who lives in brainyn mawr with her husband and new puppy does not have a history of heart attacks. she's healthy, exercises and eats right. >> it is still shocking. we still don't know exactly what caused it. >> reporter: and it was a shock to the girls who were on the field with her that day, who ran to get help in record time. >> you think about it it is
11:45 am
pretty awesome that you get to get up and do it all over again. so many people can't. >> jaclyn had the classic heart attack symptoms the night before, but she thought it was just a sports injury. here they are. chest pain or pressure that can radiate to your back up the left shoulder and down your left arm. shortness of breath and nausea. reporting from the studio katy zachry nbc 10 news. happening today, volunteers across the area are offering free dental care to children from low income families. this is all part of give kids a smile day. and we first told you about this yesterday on nbc 10 news at 11:00. there are events planned in pennsylvania in new jersey and delaware. children with insurance or those who cannot afford dental work can get it free at several locations. for an event near you, go to our website,, or check out the nbc 10 news app. and speaking of giving kids a smile, a wonderful event is taking place tomorrow.
11:46 am
it is the 23rd annual african-american children's book fair. the event spotlights the literary work of african-american authors and promotes literacy and recognition. we are thrilled to have two of the authors here with us this morning whose work will be featured in year's book fair. here with us is sharon dennis wyatt and christopher john farley. thank you for being here today. sharon, talk about your involvement with this year's fair and tell us about your book release. >> thank you. first of all thank you very much nbc 10 telemundo, reading circle for donating books to the book fair. some of my titles among them the granddaughter necklace. this is a family storybook, based on family history. i followed six generations of girls in my own family each girl has a story. and that's handed down along with an heirloom which is a necklace. it is the granddaughter necklace. >> it also ties in to something important to a lot of african-americans, family history and genealogy. >> very much so.
11:47 am
all of the stories are quite positive. and it is a warm book. it is important for kids to open a book and to see themselves reflected in a positive light. and that's what the book fair is really all about. >> chris tell us about your book and tell us about this event. >> it is game world. it is a fantasy adventure aimed at younger kids 9 and 14. i grew up loving books like the hobbit and lord of the rings. but there are not a whole lot of people of color in the books and not a lot of black hobbits. i wrote a book that all kids can find themselves in. reading the book tomorrow at the book fair between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. at the community college of philadelphia. hope people show up. it is a great time to get kids excited about reading. >> we're seeing a slide there of your book. tell us what people -- if somebody hasn't come to the book fair and what can they expect to see when they get there? >> they can expect a lot of excited authors, great books, will get kids excited about reading. so many things that pull away from kids' time these days
11:48 am
sports great video games, good to get them reading as well. really enhances them and enhances learning and helps make them complete human beings i think. >> you know i'm a big advocate of sports. but nothing like reading can take a kid away and help them go see places they have never seen before right? >> i love sports. bring a book to the game. why not? >> a book can go anywhere really. you can put it under your pillow give it to a friend dog ear it nothing takes -- you don't have to plug it in to recharge it. >> gets kids out of constantly texting. >> exactly. >> the african-american children's book fair is taking place tomorrow february 7th, at the gymnasium of the community college of philadelphia as chris just said on 17th and spring garden streets in philly. going on from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. a couple of hours. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are proud sponsors of the event and best of all, it is free. totally free. free for me and i'll take three.
11:49 am
thank you very much for coming in. good luck with the books. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well we had a bitter cold start to the day. but by sunday afternoon, we're going to be seeing some temperatures flirting with the 50 degree mark. so we got a freezing friday we get through today, and temperatures are going to be going up significantly over the weekend. we do have some rain on the way for early next week. and we do have some more arctic air after that not the end of winter just because it warms up this weekend. now, the flags are blowing in the opposite direction from the way they're blowing yesterday. that's trying to blow warmer air back in. this is southwest wind as opposed to the northwest. or north wind. 24 degrees, feels like it is 12 right now. and the wind direction generally out of the southwest and so we continue to see this atmosphere trying to warm up and we don't
11:50 am
see real strong gusts. there are a few places gusting 20 miles an hour. we're gusting over 40 yesterday. it is 24 in philadelphia. and wrightstown, northeast philly washington township 25 in chester springs, rarely warmer in chester springs than in philadelphia. 19 in reading. 18 allentown. 21 pottstown. 18 in doylestown. but 28 in blue bell. and the vineland that number not quite sure that has caught up yet. it was down to the single digits there earlier this morning. other places well into the 20s. and the windchills are in the double digits the way it feels on your exposed skin still single digits in some areas to the north. and generally the areas that still have the deep snow cover are the ones that were the coldest this morning. we do have some clouds moving down with very weak system a few little snow flurries even those continue to weaken as they move through.
11:51 am
so certainly not going to have any kind of impact on us. we do have another weak system back across wisconsin that might graze the poconos, for example, early tomorrow morning. nothing going on later this evening, but by tomorrow morning, again, some flurries in the poconos, maybe lehigh valley getting a little bit as well. tomorrow will not be nearly as cold as today. sunday is even warmer. it looks like sunday is basically dry except for at night and then it's too warm for snow. the atmosphere is warming up so much that by the time we get into -- even if it is sunday night, it is likely to be rain. and here it is monday morning, rain across a good bit of the area. wintry mix, perhaps to the north, keeping an eye on that. but in general, we're certainly not expecting a lot of snow here. now, it is going to warm up over the weekend, but next week overall it is going to be cold
11:52 am
and by the end of next week this arctic air is charging back. and it is going to be a bitter cold valentine's weekend. well, for today, we have a mix of sun and clouds getting up to around 30 degrees. little bit of wind nothing like yesterday. and the seven-day forecast milder weather on saturday. during the afternoon, about average for this time of the year, will feel like it is above average after all the cold weather we have had. and then we're closing in on the 50 degree mark on sunday. and rain doesn't come in until sunday night or monday morning, wintry mix to the north on monday. then we're generally dry for a while, but by the end of next week, the arctic air returns.
11:53 am
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now, today, you're not going to want to miss steve harvey this afternoon on nbc 10. one of my colleagues is playing cupid. take a look. >> i got a surprise for you. >> oh my goodness. >> i do. come on outside. >> okay. >> abbie. >> steve, are you ready? >> yeah abbie, this is steve harvey abbie. >> hi steve. >> our own monique braxton is showing up at abbie's home in northeast philadelphia just one of the surprises. abbie wrote to steve telling him she's having a hard time finding mr. right. and as you'll see on today's show, monique helps steve harvey
11:56 am
really deliver. it is all part of steve's delivery date series leading up to valentine's day. don't miss monique's big surprise for abbie. can monique help her make a love connection. i feel like chuck woolry here. that's this afternoon at 2:00. coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00 ellen is all new with actress jessica alba. and then nbc 10 news at 4:00. restaurant revelations. nbc 10 has new information about the local eatery at the center of a health care and the violation we just learned about before hepatitis started spreading. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a quick check of the afternoon weather. >> cold day, but the wind not quite as strong as yesterday. and a really nice warmup over the weekend for those of you looking forward to that. closer to 50 degrees on sunday. and rain sunday night and into monday. little bit of a wintry mix farther to the north. but valentine's weekend, bitter cold. >> my rule is cover everything up, no skin exposed.
11:57 am
>> yeah. >> stay warm. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us here at nbc 10 have a great day and a terrific weekend. stay warm.
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>> kayla: we've transfused everything we've got. >> pulse is dropping. >> daniel: we need that blood now! [beeping] [rapid beeping] we're losing him! come on, sonny, come on. hang in there. >> ben: you can do it. >> abigail: n-- >> ben: you can do it. >> abigail: [squeals] >> ben: mm-hmm. >> abigail: oh, my god. [both laughing] >> chad: hey, kids. glad i ran into you. >> abigail: chad, we were just having-- >> chad: ben, found you a lawyer. he's the best. he has a phenomenal acquittal record. even with my family, that is no small feat. >> ben: chad, you're unbelievable. >> chad: thank you. >> ben: [chuckles] first, you get me arrested for assault because my sister's all done with you. now, you're so desperate to get back with her i'm your new best friend? do you honestly think


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